Silver Dollar City

How Silver Dollar City and Aristotle Developed a Record-Breaking Marketing Campaign

Silver Dollar City raises Season Pass sales to new heights with a powerful integrated marketing campaign.


Silver Dollar City is a major theme park dedicated to preserving 1880s Ozark culture, offering more than 40 rides, 60 shops and restaurants, and 40 shows a day. The Branson, Missouri, attraction is one of the top theme parks in the world according to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.
Silver Dollar City sought to increase season pass ticket sales for the 2017 year with a digital media buy from November 2016 through April 2017.


  • To Increase 2017 Season Pass Ticket Sales for Silver Dollar City
  • To Generate a Greater Brand Awareness


Aristotle conducted a highly successful digital media campaign for Silver Dollar City Season Pass sales, which yielded an amazing ROI of 52:1 (up 11% from the previous year). To achieve these results, Aristotle performed ongoing campaign optimization for Silver Dollar City while using engaging creative and messaging.


  • Display/Remarketing: Google Display and Google Remarketing, Quantcast
  • Social Advertising: Facebook
  • Search: Google and Bing Search Networks
  • Search strategy included: call-out extensions, location extensions, site-link extensions, call extensions


Aristotle generated a total of $4,038,430 in online ticket sales for Silver Dollar City from a $76,182 media buy budget. This represents an increase of $1,275,058 (46%) in online ticket sales from the previous year.

Successes (November 2016 – January, 2017)

  • Online Revenue: $4,038,430 ↑ $1,275,058, an increase of 46%
  • Return on Investment: 52 to 1 ↑ 5 to 1, an increase of 11%
  • Ad Impressions: 15,391,929 ↑ 746,904, an increase of 5%
  • Ad Clicks: 98,228 ↓ 154,436, a decrease of 61%
  • Click-through-rate: 0.64% ↓ 1.09%
  • Average cost-per-click: $0.78 ↑ $0.55
  • Total Ticket Sale Transactions: 15,320 ↑ 4,475, an increase of 41%
  • eCPM: $4.95 ↑ $1.00


Campaign Assets
Banner Ad Samples:


Landing Page:

Season Pass Landing Page

$4,038,430 in online ticket sales from a $76,182 media buy budget!
An amazing 52 to 1 Return on Investment!

A 41% increase in Total Ticket Sale Transactions

A 46% increase in revenue

An 11% increase in ROI

Aristotle uses cutting-edge tech and their marketing expertise to deliver consistently strong ROI. In the last 12 months, they have played a major role in doubling our online revenue and enhance our overall brand presentation in digital channels. They are a partner with our best interests at stake.Greg Craig, Silver Dollar City
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