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10 Reasons Aristotle Loves the Internet

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we polled our staff to explore our love affair with the Internet. Here’s what we learned.

“I love the Internet, because…”

1. It pays our salaries. Thanks to the Internet, we get to eat!

2. Memes!



3. My Fitbit dashboard keeps me honest.



4. I can create the perfect SIM “love” that sees me for the perfect person that I am.

5. There’s always someone who agrees with me.

6. Unlimited ways to kill time.

7. I can be an expert on everything! Seriously, who needs doctors, professors or lawyers when you have WebMD, Wikipedia and



8. It feeds my desire to buy STUFF!

9. Cloud storage!



10. All the news. All the time.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Hallie Shoffner
Hallie Shoffner is a devotee of helping people via the Internet.
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