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3 Ways to Tell if Your Database is Optimized

Ah, the age-old question: Is My Database Optimized for Search?

Finally an answer that doesn’t involve meditating on the mountaintop or bribing your IT guy with Mountain Dew!

If content development is an art, database SEO is a science. This is good news, because it means there are clear-cut rules.

Here is what to look for:

  1. Title Tags:
  • Be Specific:  It’s generally best to put the name of the item (product, business, event) at the front of the title tag. As you construct a title tag, it’s best to move from specific to general as you move from left to right.
  • Keep them Unique:  Never re-use the same title tag for more than one listing page.
  • Aim for About 70 Characters: If most of your item names are significantly shorter than 70 characters in length, you can add a secondary and maybe even a tertiary field to the title tags.  Consider: category, location, dates.
  1. Description Tags:  I recommend pulling the first 160 to 200 characters of the item description copy. This should be specific and unique, so if it isn’t, that’s where you need to focus your efforts.
  1. URLs: Replace ID query strings with the name of the item using dashes to separate the words. This is what we call “SEO-friendly URLs.” For example:

The example below shows how Aristotle implemented database SEO programming to dynamically generate SEO-friendly title tags, description tags and URLs for each story in the News Feed.  This has allowed each news story to get indexed separately in search, acting as a magnet for organic search traffic.

Database Optimized

Need help? Aristotle can run a technical SEO audit to identify all of the programming issues that could be impacting your organic search results and your website traffic. Contact us today!

Sarah Stashuk
--Sarah leads a team of experts who are knowledgeable in all aspects of organic and paid search marketing. With more than 17 years of experience, Sarah has built a wealth of knowledge regarding online marketing and the ever-changing rules of search engine optimization and online media buying. Her work with Albuquerque CVB, Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism, Huntington Beach, Kentucky Tourism, Elvis Presley Enterprises, Silver Dollar City and South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism is award-winning and has generated significant ROI for our tourism partners. Most recently, Sarah’s work for the state of Utah won US Search Awards 2017 for “Best Use of Search – Travel/Leisure” and the gold Davey Award in 2017, "Best Brand Strategy" for the Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism.
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