Five Sure-Fire Ways to Boost Your E-commerce

Online shopping has to be FUN as well as functional.  Like a brick-and-mortar store, consumers need a virtual “space” where they can immerse themselves – even luxuriate – in the product.  That’s where content marketing comes in.

Retail content marketers must discover and display content that combines the strengths of the virtual shopping experience with the sensual aspects of brick and mortar.  How?  There are a few key pieces of content you need in your e-commerce marketing arsenal:

1. Video

Video is the future of content marketing.  Cisco estimates that by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer Internet traffic.  YouTube receives more than one billion unique visitors every month (more than any other channel except Facebook).  How do you tie video to shopping?

IKEA has created an online video series in which the company provides free space “makeovers” with IKEA products.  The video provides a real customer perspective, engages the viewer in a visual shopping spree and provides some interior design decoration.  Of course, there is nothing like a good “before and after.”

2. Music

Music is the great unifier. It is such a powerful driver of emotion and words. Often the music is attached to online video for a powerful one-two punch.  More and more, we are finding ways to use unforgettable music to create a shareable online sensation that is also a vehicle for your brand.  With time-deprivation at an all-time high, we are leaning on music to say SO much in just a few seconds. Here’s a great example of using music for product promotion courtesy of Sprint.

3. How It’s Made

People want to see how products are made. This is especially true with the more socially and environmentally-conscious Millennial Generation. You can use content like video, photography and infographics to tell your customers fun facts about the product they are buying, who named it, etc. Want to know how your Hershey’s chocolate bars are made?

4. How-To’s and DIYs

Pinterest has become an asset for many retail marketers such as Etsy. They give their shoppers inspirational content on do-it-yourself projects, gift ideas and pictures of inspiring interiors, wedding decorations and more.  With Pinterest accounting for 90% of all social media shares on the Web, it is a force to be reckoned with for retail brands. Videos like this one from the retail site ModCloth are also popular ways to engage customers with products. Give your customers an extra inspiration to buy by showing them all the fun ways they can use your product!

5. Actual Experiences

“People power” is probably the most significant way to connect with consumers.  Customer testimonials are a great way to connect your product with individuals and garner trust from potential buyers.  People are geared toward the “experience” of owning the product more than the product itself.  They want to know that people just like them have connected with the brand in a positive way. And if you have a little star power like in this ROCKSTAR hitch Mounted Mud Flaps testimonial featuring professional walleye fisherman, Josh Klein, all the better!

We have so many powerful online tools, platforms and devices today.  Why would anyone want to continue to only rely on the old ways of online marketing and not take advantage of more of today’s Internet?  Content marketing delivers results if it is thought out strategically, well-executed creatively and technically, and tracked analytically.  If you need help developing or executing your content marketing strategy for your products, give me a shout, and let’s spread some online shopping joy!

About the Author
Marla Johnson

Marla Johnson

Marla heads up Aristotle, Inc. and speaks nationally on Internet trends. Insatiably curious and constantly present.

Marla Johnson
Marla heads up Aristotle, Inc. and speaks nationally on Internet trends. Insatiably curious and constantly present.
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