Arkansas Parks and Tourism Barkansas Case Study

The Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism and Aristotle teamed up to create an integrated marketing campaign worth barking about.


Arkansas Parks and Tourism

August 5 – (Noon) September 7, 2016


The Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism and Aristotle teamed up for a second time in the summer of 2016 to raise awareness of dog-friendly vacation opportunities in Arkansas. Arkansas was named the most “dog-loving state” by the American Veterinary Medical Association, so it’s no surprise that the Natural State has plenty of activities and hotels to accommodate our dog-loving natives and tourists. Our goal was to position Arkansas in the minds of both our visitors and homegrown citizens that this is the best place in America to travel with a pet.

Our goals were to:

  • Raise awareness of dog-friendly travel in Arkansas
  • Encourage Arkansas tourism travel from both out-of-state and in-state vacationers
  • Increase traffic to
  • Increase social shares, engagement and impressions
  • Generate video views


Our Solution included:

  • Landing Page Creative and Development
  • Video Development
  • E-Blast
  • Social Promotions on Facebook
  • Video Instream Ads on YouTube
  • Google Search Sitelinks
  • Google Display with Keyword Targeting
  • Google Display with Topic Targeting
  • Google Display Remarketing


The 2016 Barkansas Sweepstakes generated amazing results for Arkansas Tourism. The campaign delivered over 28 million ad impressions, 112,224 ad clicks to, 97,026 website visitor sessions, 437,440 video views, 434,146 Facebook post engagements and 17,335 unique sweepstakes entries.

Results (August 5 – September 7, 2016)

  • 28,362,168 ad impressions
  • 112,224 ad clicks
  • 105,578 website visitor sessions
  • 437,440 video views
  • 434,146 Facebook post engagements
  • 17,335 unique sweepstakes entries
  • 6,012 vacation guide requests
  • 11,839 e-newsletter signups


“Win a Trip in the Barkansas Vacation Giveaway!”

  • 64,523 email sends
  • 16,729 email opens with a 26.1% open rate
  • 4,850 email click-throughs with a 7.5% click-through rate

“Win a Vacation! It’s the Last Chance to Make Your Dog’s Day!”

  • 86,618 email sends
  • 7,422 email opens with a 8.6% open rate
  • 1,860 email click-throughs with a 2.1% click-through rate


  • 151,141 email sends
  • 24,151 email opens with a 15.9% open rate
  • 6,710 email click-throughs with a 4.4% click-through rate


Landing Page

Barkansas Landing Page


Barkansas Email

Google Display Ads

Banner Display

YouTube In-stream Ad

Barkansas YouTube

Facebook Promoted Posts

Barkansas FB 2 Barkansas FB


Over 28 million ad impressions, 112,224 ad clicks to, 97,026 website visitor sessions, 437,440 video views, 434,146 Facebook post engagements and 17,335 unique sweepstakes entries.

The Natural State

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The Barkansas campaign built upon our state’s strengths and greatly contributed to continuing and building the success of Arkansas’s tourism industry. The concept and implementation of this project still generate positive feedback from both tourism professionals and consumers alike.Leah DiPietro - Communications Manager, Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism
Luke Thomas
--Luke is a Digital Media Specialist & Marketing Analyst with five years’ experience in digital marketing and campaign strategy development. His expertise is in branding and marketing strategy, online media buying, content & social media marketing, and campaign optimization. Most recently, Luke’s work for the state of Utah won US Search Awards 2017 for “Best Use of Search – Travel/Leisure” and the gold Davey Award in 2017, "Best Brand Strategy" for the Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism.
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