2 SEO Changes in 2018 & How to Master SEO for Your Business

Discover 2 important SEO changes in 2018 and find out how to master SEO for your business with 3 easy tips from Sarah Stashuk of Aristotle Inc. Watch a video of Google’s Gary Illyes explaining top SEO priorities for webmasters.

  • #1: Technical Integrations

    Google and Bing will increase the importance of technical integrations, such as the use of structured data and rich snippets for inclusion in new search features to improve the accuracy of search results. Technical integrations will gain prominence with increased availability and utilization of these features in search results as well as becoming the primary source of information for voice search devices currently being shipped around the world for Christmas.

  • #2: Mobile First Index

    Search results will experience increased turbulence in 2018, as Google continues to test adding more sites to the mobile first index. Google and Bing will increase the importance of a mobile-friendly user experience with an emphasis on site performance and continued promotion of AMP as a solution. Sites that are non-responsive or slow to load on mobile will lose organic market share and will pay higher CPCs for paid search in 2018.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sarah and her team for the past 6 months. During that time, Sarah helped grow our organic SEO traffic 32%. I’d highly recommend Sarah to help grow your business.”

–Steve Asmussen, Social Media, Marketing, Communications, SEO | PPC, AdWords, at Medical Security Card (MSC), LLC

Top Tips for Business Owners and Marketers to Master SEO in 2018

  • #1: Get ready for the mobile first index with a fully responsive site.
  • #2: Pay attention to performance, ensuring your pages load in 2 seconds or less on mobile using 3G.
  • #3: Use structured data to mark up your content for inclusion in as many rich features as possible.

Google’s Gary Illyes Explains How to Improve SEO in 2018

But don’t take my word for it. Watch my video from Pubcon Las Vegas 2017 to hear Google’s Gary Illyes explaining what webmasters can do to improve SEO performance in 2018.

Sarah Stashuk
--Sarah leads a team of experts who are knowledgeable in all aspects of organic and paid search marketing. With more than 17 years of experience, Sarah has built a wealth of knowledge regarding online marketing and the ever-changing rules of search engine optimization and online media buying. Her work with Albuquerque CVB, Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism, Huntington Beach, Kentucky Tourism, Elvis Presley Enterprises, Silver Dollar City and South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism is award-winning and has generated significant ROI for our tourism partners. Most recently, Sarah’s work for the state of Utah won US Search Awards 2017 for “Best Use of Search – Travel/Leisure” and the gold Davey Award in 2017, "Best Brand Strategy" for the Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism.
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