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The 4 Facebook Metrics You Absolutely Need to Know

You probably put a lot of effort into your Facebook page, but to get the best results from your efforts, you can’t just create shareable content and hope for the best.  In fact,  getting the best results from your Facebook presence is more important than ever since social media last year became the #1 source of direct referral traffic to websites.

So, what’s the best way to develop a successful growth strategy? The first step is an in-depth Facebook analysis, looking beyond your number of likes to your actual results. 

Here are the four metrics you need to know about your page:

#1. How Do You Rank Against the Competition?

You Facebook page doesn’t live in a vacuum. You may not see your competitor’s pages or their posts, but you do have competition, and your competitors are trying to succeed on Facebook just like you are.

Taking a look at your competitors gives you a much-needed benchmark in your industry: Are you leading the pack, lost in the middle, or trailing behind? And, this benchmarking isn’t just about the number of page likes, either. What are the engagement rates, fans, and reach of your competitors? These are important stats will help you see where you stand in the lineup and set goals for growing your fan base.

#2. What Are Your Most Popular Content Types?

What type of post gets the best results with your fans: photos, links to web pages, videos, or something else? As Facebook algorithms continue to limit the organic reach your posts have with your fans, you want to make sure that your posts are exactly the kind your fans want to see and engage with.

#3. What Are Your Top Posts, and What Can You Learn from Them?

You know how it goes: you post on Facebook every day, and sometimes, one or two posts will take off and get shared all over the place. What exactly was that viral element, and how can you replicate it?

The variables in each post, from the number of characters to the linking to the photos you use, can affect how appealing it is to your audience. You need to know what works so that you can repeat it.

#4. Are You Diverting Traffic to Your Website Effectively?

If you sell products or services or want people to download information from your website, you need to funnel your Facebook traffic to your website.

It’s not just about getting users to click to your page. You need to harness that traffic and direct people to the appropriate action. The effectiveness of this strategy is determined by how you present your website on Facebook and how well your website pages are designed to get people to complete a goal action.

Now that 31% of website referral traffic currently comes from social media, are you effectively capturing that traffic or letting it go somewhere else?

How to Get Your Data

Unfortunately, you can’t just look at Page Insights to discover the answers to all these questions.

The most detailed information about your page – from how many fans are engaging to which post types get the most clicks – can be exported as page or post-level data. The problem is that it’s raw data, and it takes a long time to analyze.

Who has time to go through a million spreadsheet columns to get the really strategic information? Probably not you – there are Facebook posts to write. And not even data exports will give you information on your competitors.

That’s why Aristotle offers a Facebook Analysis and Competitive Intelligence Report consultation that provides you with the strategic data you need to succeed on Facebook. The report includes:

  1. Competitive Analysis
  • See your visible engagement compared to competitors
  • Learn the engagement rate formula and how to use it
  • Learn best practices from the top-performing posts of competitors like character length, linking, photos used, etc.
  1. Your Performance Analysis
  • Determine your top posts and why they were effective
  • Assess how well any boosted posts or media buy spends performed
  • Learn why top posts were successful and how posts drove traffic to your website or impacted other areas of your marketing plan
  1. Industry Benchmark
  • Review the top 10 and bottom 10 Facebook pages in your industry
  • Receive a detailed report of the most engaging posts
  1. Strategy & Tactics
  • Gain useful tactics and methods you can use to increase engagement, grow your following, and achieve other business goals   

Don’t waste your time doing the wrong thing on Facebook. Contact us today to get your Facebook Analysis & Competitive Intelligence Report including essential growth strategies for your page.

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