Facebook News Feed Update, Twitter Symbols, Apple Flaws (Or This Week’s Link Roundup #44)

Every week millions of interesting links pop up around the Web. Some detail updates and advances in technology, some provide great insight to marketing strategies and tactics, some broaden our knowledge of the world around us, and others are just plain out-there. Since most of the staff at Aristotle share these links with each other, we thought we’d share them with you too. Enjoy.


  • Facebook takes on LinkedIn with job ad-targeting.
    Facebook will now allow HR reps and other recruiters to target potential employees through advertising. Apparently, Facebook has enough job data from users to make this a viable option. Would you use Facebook ads to recruit?
  • Facebook ditches Facebook.com emails.
    If you’re asking yourself, “What’s a Facebook.com email?” then that should tell you enough about why Facebook decided to drop their social email service.
  • Facebook further customizes News Feed for you.
    Facebook announced they’ve officially rolled out an update to the News Feed and the way it displays some stories. Instead of just seeing updates from your friends, family or Pages you’ve liked; you will now begin to see updates that mention your friends, family or Pages you’ve liked—even if the person updating is neither your friend nor a Page you’ve liked. The idea being that Facebook believes you’ll enjoy seeing stories about your friends, regardless who writes them.
  • ♫ ☛Use symbols in Tweets to spur engagement.☚ ♬
    The social media scheduling app Buffer teaches you how to incorporate symbols into your tweets to 1) save character space and 2) make your tweets more interesting to read.
  • Why people unfollow you on Twitter.
    Check out 15 reasons why you may have been unfollowed on Twitter with infographic. And be honest, are you guilty of oversharing your Foursquare check-ins? You can tell me. We’re all friends here.



  • iPhone security flaws gets a fix.
    A major security flaw in the iPhone could leave you vulnerable to being hacked through public Wi-Fi spots. Make sure you update your iPhone ASAP.
  • More Apple security problems: this time in their OS X.
    Bad week for Apple, am I right? This security flaw, affecting their OS X, the operating system for Apple computers, left you vulnerable to hackers who could gain access to your communications, such as email, social media posts and online bank transactions. Apple has updated the OS X, so if you own an Apple computer, update your system right now.




Aristotle is heading to SXSW!

Though this may not count as a link roundup, I wanted to make sure you knew that a few of us from Aristotle will be heading to SXSW (South By Southwest) in Austin, Texas next week. SXSW Interactive is one of the biggest Web-focused conferences in the world. We can’t wait to learn more about the latest trends in social media, video, Web development, content marketing and more. Follow us as we travel to the Weirdest City and keep up with our findings both on AristotleBuzz.com and @AristotleBuzz.


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