Facebook Redesigns Page Insights: Two New Essential Features

Recently Facebook redesigned Page Insights, the analytics tool for Facebook Pages. Not only is the redesign aesthetically more pleasant, it also offers more granular data that compares your Page stats against a number of metrics: week-over-week metrics, Facebook’s global numbers, etc.

But rather than go through the minutiae of Facebook’s new Page Insights, which Facebook walks you through with a tutorial, I want to highlight two new features that you might miss on first glance.

Facebook New Page Insights


Two New Insights to Watch

In the “Posts” section of your Page Insights, there are two separate tabs called “When Your Fans Are Online” and “Best Post Types.” These two new features in your Page Insights alone should change the way you think about Facebook marketing and perhaps social media analytics overall.

For years, there were few ways to get this information. One option was to gather the data yourself. The problem with this method is that it assumes you’re the type that likes collecting big heaps of data on a constant basis. Even if you are, it’s a time-consuming process that can prevent you from actually using the data to better your Page, which is sort of the point, right?

Or you could go with option 2, which is to use third-party software. Unfortunately, in my experience, it seems no third-party software can agree on “When Your Fans Are Online” because most of them are using general estimations.

Facebook, apparently responding to marketers’ incessant requests for more valuable insights, has delivered the goods.

“When Your Fans Are Online”

Just head over to the “Posts” section in your Page Insights and select “When Your Fans Are Online.” You can assume this data is accurate as Facebook actually has access to this information, rather than guessing like most third-party applications.

When Fans Are Online - Facebook

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By hovering over each day, you can access more granular data. Why is this data useful? Because you can begin to schedule your posts for the most opportune time. If you schedule posts at the times when, on average, your fans are online, you’re more likely to get the biggest reach, engagement and click-throughs. That’s a huge advantage!

“Best Post Types”

You can also view the “Best Post Types” by clicking the last tab in the “Posts” section.

Best Post Types - Facebook

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Use this information to determine in which format you want your content when shared on Facebook. According to the chart above, the type of content that gets the most engagement (likes, comments and shares) are photos.

So how do we use this knowledge? Say you have a link to a new blog post. You could just post the link and let Facebook auto-generate a preview of your content. Like so:

Facebook Link Post

But, according to our chart above, we know that link posts get less engagement than photo and status posts. Instead, try posting an image that relates to your blog post and include a link in the text. Here’s an example:

Facebook Photo Post

Use Insights as a Guide

Now, note the Page Insights data on “Best Post Types” says nothing about click-through-rates. Just because you use a photo to extend the reach of your posts, that doesn’t necessarily mean people will click through to your blog post. You’ll need to keep an eye on how many clicks you’re getting to your blog as well. You may need to do a combination of photo posts as well as link posts to ensure click-throughs to your content. Use a service like Goo.gl or Bit.ly to create trackable shortlinks.

Obviously, when Facebook redesigns Page Insights, social media marketers every perk up. But do you think Facebook’s new Page Insights will increase your social media marketing success? Or do they not meet your expectations for reliable social media analytics? Let me know in the comments below.

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