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Four SEO Copywriting Tips You Can Implement Today

Search Engine Optimization: what a ride that’s been, eh? More links! Fewer links! Use tags! Tags don’t matter anymore! Did you hear the thing about the latest Google algorithm update?

No matter how much SEO best practices change, one axiom always stays true: Useful, quality content is essential. It’s what keeps people on your site. However, you can’t bust your writing chops all over a page and just leave it there. Without some search-engine optimization, your carefully-crafted copy will be lost forever in the dark, inhospitable nether realms of the Internet, never to be seen again.

 But there is hope. And it comes in the form of a few simple SEO writing tips. Tips that can help your content rise above ever-growing collection of Web pages. Here are four SEO writing strategies you can put to work today:

Create Quality Content

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This bears repeating: useful, trustworthy and accurate content is non-negotiable. After all, that’s why we’re all on the Internet, right? If you don’t have anything novel to offer, you’ll see a high bounce rate, and so will Google. Quality content increases time on site and conversions will follow. Linking to other pages of your site using anchor text will keep visitors exploring all of the great content you have to offer.

Keep in mind that part of developing quality content is keeping it fresh. Maintain your page copy with regular updates as needed to boost your page’s relevancy.

 Get Creative with Keywords



Gone are the days of stuffing the same keyword phrase into your copy over and over again. The search-savvy folks of today are focused on complementary keywords, related terms and contextual search. Voice search is growing and that means a lot of people are asking Siri questions instead of typing in keywords–does your copy include the questions your potential visitors are asking?


When it comes to incorporating keywords, focus on your niche target audience with long tail keywords rather than trying to rank for everything. Don’t forget about variations on keywords such as plurals, synonyms, abbreviations and other alternatives your target market might use to find you.

Make It Shareable

[Tweet “Social shares are as good as gold when it comes to rankings, so you want to make it easy.”]

Embedding a “Tweet this” button mid-page after an interesting statistic or thoughtful snippet can help drive shares – just make sure it’s something worth sharing. Of course, all of your pages should have social sharing buttons – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. with calls to action encouraging your visitors to share your content and follow you.

Be Mobile-Friendly


You’ve probably heard by now that mobile phone use has exceeded desktop use. Smaller screens mean less patience, so be concise. This doesn’t always mean writing less – it means writing smarter. Use short paragraphs, headings and bullet points to avoid walls of text, and don’t make your visitors scroll to reach the point of action. This tactic keeps mobile readers engaged, and more engagement means better rankings.

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Harrison Maddox

Harrison Maddox

Harrison Maddox is an avid biker and the lead writer and SEO specialist at Aristotle.

Harrison Maddox
Harrison Maddox is an avid biker and the lead writer and SEO specialist at Aristotle.
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