Match Made in Kentucky

The Perfect Vacation Match Made in Kentucky

Kentucky Tourism and Aristotle developed a fun, easy way to match the perfect vacation itinerary to travelers based on their interests.

Kentucky Department of Travel
2017 Kentucky Spring Campaign

Kentucky AdventureBackground

The people of Kentucky are proud of their distinguished history and culture, and they are happy to share it with everyone. A visit to Kentucky comes with such a huge variety of tourism opportunities that even with multiple vacations to the Bluegrass State, very few have experienced all that Kentucky has to offer.

Kentucky is a fertile land steeped in a rich history and heritage reaching back over 200 years. Abraham Lincoln was born here, and the state was the theater of many famous battles during the Civil War that shaped the history of the United States. It’s the Horse Capital of the World, The Bluegrass State and famously known as Bourbon Country where 95% of all bourbon is produced.


The Kentucky Department of Travel wanted help raising brand awareness and encouraging people in and around Kentucky to travel within the state. Promoting in-state tourism has been challenging for a land-locked state without the popular draws of ocean, beaches, skiing and winter sports.
Because Kentucky tourism offers a lot of unique opportunities for vacationers looking for an alternative to the norm, Kentucky wanted to raise awareness about the variety of things to see and do in The Bluegrass State.


  • To raise awareness of Kentucky as a fun destination with something for everyone
  • To encourage Kentucky tourism & travel from both out-of-state and in-state vacationers
  • To increase traffic to
  • To collect contact information from people interested in visiting Kentucky who sign up for the vacation giveaway
  • To increase social shares, engagement and impressions


Zip Lining in KentuckyAristotle developed and conducted the Match Made in Kentucky integrated marketing campaign to raise awareness of Kentucky as a fun travel destination with something for everyone. The campaign featured a fun, interactive signup process that encouraged visitors to enter to win a free Kentucky vacation valued at $1,500. Participants swiped through a series of compelling graphics featuring Kentucky attractions to find the itinerary most compatible with their interests. Social icons on each graphic encouraged participants to share the sweepstakes with friends.

Elements of The Match Made in Kentucky campaign included:

  • Landing Page Creative and Development
  • E-Blast Development & Deployment
  • Social Promotions on Facebook & Twitter
  • Google Search Sitelinks
  • Google Display with Keyword Targeting
  • Google Display with Topic Targeting
  • Google Display Remarketing

CAMPAIGN RESULTS (June 27 – August 1, 2017)
The Kentucky Match campaign numbers illustrate its amazing success:

  • 30 Million Ad Impressions
  • 68,973 Clicks to the Landing Page
  • 61,650 Landing Page Visitor Sessions
  • 8,692 Unique Sweepstakes Entries
  • 6,876 E-News Signups
  • 1,266 Travel Guide Requests
  • 45,135 Facebook Post Engagements


Aristotle’s award-winning designers help our clients create rewarding relationships with graphic elements that go beyond simple customer transactions. Because Aristotle’s award-winning designers are involved throughout the entire development process – from strategy to launch, the graphics they create contribute significantly to the success of our clients’ campaigns. Each art element is specifically designed to provide an exciting online experience and to establish meaningful relationships with our clients’ website visitors.

For the Match Made in Kentucky campaign, attention-grabbing graphics with clear calls to action create a fun interactive user experience. As participants advanced through the contest, they were presented with a colorful showcase of graphics about Kentucky’s many vacation attractions.

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Geographic Scope

While advertising targeted Kentucky and its contiguous states, visits to the landing page and contest entries came from all U.S. States and the District of Columbia. The diversity of entries illustrates the viral success of the campaign.

US States Campaign Heat Map

US Sessions Map

Because of the Match Made in Kentucky campaign, over sixty-eight thousand people seeking a truly extraordinary place to vacation were introduced to The Bluegrass State. People from all over the US were matched with the perfect Kentucky vacation based on the interests they chose.

Campaign messaging included:

Planning the perfect vacation is no easy task. Let us make it easier by finding your Perfect Match Made in Kentucky. Enter our contest to win your very own free, custom-tailored Kentucky vacation! #matchmadeinkentucky

Welcome to Kentucky, where you can find your perfect vacation and have your very own Match Made in Kentucky.

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When it comes to vacation opportunities, Kentucky delivers in spades. Visitors can stay in five-star hotels or vacation in resorts the whole family can enjoy. Numerous festivals throughout the year mean that there is almost always something going on. History buffs are delighted by the diversity of historical sites from Native American sites to Civil War battlefields, memorials and museums. Outdoor lovers discover a paradise in Kentucky’s forests, parks, lakes and rivers no matter what activities they prefer. For more social activities, visitors can travel the famous Kentucky Bourbon Trail®, play golf on championship courses or find excitement in Kentucky’s nightlife. Whatever the taste, it can be found in Kentucky.

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