This Week’s Link Roundup #21

Every week millions of interesting links pop up around the Web. Some detail updates and advances in technology, some provide great insight to marketing strategies and tactics, some broaden our knowledge of the world around us, and others are just plain out-there. Since most of the staff at Aristotle share these links with each other, we thought we’d share them with you too. Enjoy.


  • Facebook rolling emoticon-status sharing.
    While not released to everyone just yet, Facebook seems to want to make it even easier for users to share their feelings, experiences, and current activities by providing emoticon prompts, such as “Reading,” “Watching,” and “Feeling.”
  • Instagram allows Web-access.
    Instagram has always been about the mobile experience, but they recently announced that users have the ability to access accounts via their website,
  • Facebook to be China-big?
    Facebook’s user base is growing at such an alarming rate that even China wouldn’t be able to contain all its users by 2016.


  • Foursquare business app.
    If you own a business and have been using Foursquare to engage with your customers, you can easily keep track of your analytics and updates with the new Foursquare Business app.


  • Digital ad spend to beat traditional.
    Not that anyone at Aristotle will find this too surprising, but the day of digital is upon us. Traditional media (TV and radio) is becoming more of a relic as new rich-media ads, social ads and video pre-roll ads dominate the online market.


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