This Week’s Link Roundup #28

Every week millions of interesting links pop up around the Web. Some detail updates and advances in technology, some provide great insight to marketing strategies and tactics, some broaden our knowledge of the world around us, and others are just plain out-there. Since most of the staff at Aristotle share these links with each other, we thought we’d share them with you too. Enjoy.


  • YouTube opens up subscriptions.
    In order to compete with the success of online subscription services like Netflix and Hulu, YouTube has finally announced a subscription service for channels. For $0.99 a month, you can subscribe to channels like Sesame Street and UFC. Will you be subscribing?
  • YouTube launches Trends Map.
    Easily see what videos are trending in different cities across the country. Use the info to find out what your customers are interested in and start a conversation.



  • Great SEO tips.
    SEOJournal has a great and easy-to-understand article on SEO tips that can elevate your website’s rankings.
  • Below-the-fold call-to-action led to 220% more conversions.
    The tried-and-true design for landing pages is to place the call-to-action above the fold on a landing page. But in an experimental finding, one company achieved higher results by writing long-form copy and placing the form way below the fold.


  • Senate passes online sales tax.
    Some argue this has been a long time coming. Do you think this bill will become the law of the land…or, should I say, the Web?


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