This Week’s Link Roundup #31

Every week millions of interesting links pop up around the Web. Some detail updates and advances in technology, some provide great insight to marketing strategies and tactics, some broaden our knowledge of the world around us, and others are just plain out-there. Since most of the staff at Aristotle share these links with each other, we thought we’d share them with you too. Enjoy.


  • Vine surpasses Instagram in Twitter shares.
    In last week’s Roundup, we mentioned that Vine has grown faster than Instagram could’ve ever imagined. A new report shows that Vine is also  killing Instagram in Twitter shares. Are you using Vine yet?
  • Facebook adds #hashtags.
    As was speculated for the past few months, Facebook has finally rolled out hashtags on the social network. The network hopes to encourage the same contextual conversations that networks like Twitter and Pinterest have employed.


  • Google buys Waze map app.
    For a billion dollars, at that. The socially-intrinsic map app Waze has grown to more than 25 million users, and Google nabbed the potential competitor before Facebook or Apple to seal the deal.
  • Third of Americans own tablets.
    As the growth of tablet-ownership continues, it becomes more important you’re optimizing your website for multiple devices.
  • Microsoft Office on iPhones.
    The popular productivity suite has long been desired by iPhone users, and Microsoft has finally released Office, Excel and PowerPoint to iOS. Will you be adding it to your apps?


  • Kickstarter campaign for remote roach control.
    Here’s a weird one for you. A Kickstarter campaign has begun for the production of a remote control device you can attach to real roaches. You can then control their movements with a smartphone app. What??
  • Digital signpost directs you in real-time.
    Using social media, local information and real-time data collection, this digital signpost will not only tell you where to go but give you recommendations on what’s happening around you.


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