This Week’s Link Roundup #6

Every week millions of interesting links pop up around the Web. Some detail updates and advances in technology, some provide great insight to marketing strategies and tactics, some broaden our knowledge of the world around us, and others are just plain out-there. Since most of the staff at Aristotle share these links with each other, we thought we’d share them with you too. Enjoy.


  • Men respond better to Facebook ads.
    This almost feels counterintuitive. We know more women use Facebook than men, so what gives? Interesting study lays the whole thing out for you.
  • Is MySpace making a comeback?
    This week, MySpace (yes, that MySpace) rolled out a completely redesigned site and created a pretty flashy video explaining how the new design works. I’ll be honest. It looks amazing. But is it too little, too late?
  • Facebook brings back gifts.
    Does anyone remember gifts? If you do, do you remember how weird it was that people spent $20+ on a digital heart for their significant-other? This is something I wish the network would just keep buried.
  • Infographic explains brand value on Facebook.
    Still unsure why your business needs a Facebook page? This easy-to-understand and data-rich  infographic lays out a pretty compelling case. For instance, 50% of consumers value a brand’s Facebook page over a website.
  • Facebook breaks down mobile ads.
    If you’re not actively using Facebook ads, you may not know the subtle differences. As we do a lot of Facebook advertising for clients, we’re always looking for easy ways to explain the social ad network. So why not get it straight from the horse’s mouth?


  • California legalizes self-driving cars.
    You may have heard about Google’s initiative to build the first self-driven, computer-automated car. Well, it could soon become a reality now that California Governor Brown has signed a bill legalizing self-driving cars.
  • DNA apps may be here soon.
    This is a creepy-sci-fi-soon-to-become-reality sort of thing. Could we soon have apps on our phones that store our DNA? You could keep track of your health, get notified when you may need to get screened for certain genetic maladies. Creepy or cool?
  • Apple CEO apologizes for Maps debacle.
    I was sent this link about 5 minutes before I posted this blog. Tim Cook of Apple apologizes for the clumsiness of Apple Maps, which is nice and all, but the crazy part is this: he encourages users to try other maps while Apple fixes the problems. Wow.
  • Google Maps goes diving underwater.
    While Apples tries to keep their own Map app from drowning, Google Maps is diving headfirst into the oceans, bringing that amazing street-view style, 360 degrees of awesomeness to the deep sea.


  • App tells you best time to pee during a movie.
    Okay, so admittedly, this leans on the weird side of “interesting finds.” But you have to admit, we’ve all been there. Sitting in a theatre, desperate to go to the bathroom but terrified we’ll miss something important. Fear no more, my friends.
Did we miss anything? Did you find any cool links you want to share? Let me know in the comments below.
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