What the Music Business is Teaching Online Marketers

As a marketing vehicle, music can deliver emotional, shareable and inspirational content.  Since Coke taught the world to sing in the 1970s, music has provided the foundation for marketing millions of products from iPods to SUVs to pre-packaged rice dishes.

This year Aristotle helped the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism develop and implement a successful online marketing campaign called The Song of Arkansas Contest.  Local artists across the state were invited to write their own songs about why Arkansas is such an awesome destination.  The response was incredible with 230 song entries.  We invited the public and our guest judges to vote, and Barrett Baber and Kenny Lamb were declared the winners with their song, Arkansas: Get There from Here.  This crazy-catchy song with spot-on lyrics has now been performed at impressive venues around the state and inspired a powerful emotional response from Arkansans and visitors alike.  Check out the song below accompanying beautiful footage of the state’s unique areas and activities.


From the success of the contest and the song, we learned some very important lessons that gave rise to Aristotle Entertainment!

  1. Every brand has a song in it. What does your brand sound like? What genre of music is it? Aristotle employs talented, renowned songwriters, producers, engineers and musicians to create CUSTOM songs that really tell your brand’s story.
  2. Once the song and production are just right, it’s time to build the perfect visual story. As with music production, the video production has to be spot on for the brand and tell an emotional and authentic story.
  3. With music and motion synced to perfection, there is a lot of room to run in terms of online delivery. On the Web, in email, with contests and on social platforms – an integrated campaign can get eyeballs on the video and get people singing your song.
  4. Traditional and online media delivery is also a big possibility.  Our music and music videos are being experienced at meeting venues, through radio spots, as part of TV ads and as pre-roll video ads.  Aristotle works to create the most value from the production by creating a music suite and video suite that can be used in multiple ways.

Ready to stand out from the crowd with some great custom music and video? Contact us!

For some extra fun, check out our new custom song and music video made in partnership with the eTourism Summit, Life is a Destination.

Marla Johnson
Marla heads up Aristotle, Inc. and speaks nationally on Internet trends. Insatiably curious and constantly present.
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