Zombies Have Invaded Aristotle!

Normally, we do the weekly Link Roundup, but something has gone terribly wrong. Zombies infiltrated our offices through what we believe to be a zombie-infected email virus. Don’t laugh! This is serious!

We weren’t sure about all the details at first. How did it spread? Where did it come from? But we discovered footage that was made during the zombie e-pocalypse.

Because we believe this story must be shared with the world in order to save more people from infected emails, we’ll be releasing the three-part Web series “Malwalkers” over the next week.

You can watch a sneak peek by visiting Aristotle.net/Malwalkers or clicking the bone-chilling poster below. Share this blog post and the video with as many people as possible, and we can all prevent the zombie-infected email viruses from taking over the world!


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